We are a Polish company that has been a leader in the market of packaging machines and materials for almost 30 years. Polpack Sp. z o.o. was established in 1992. Our first headquarters was a tiny office which was located at Czerniakowska street. It was there that we received our first clients and presented simple machines for heat-shrinkable film packaging. After several months, due to a rapid development of the company, we changed our location and for almost 10 years we were at your disposal at Kasztelański Square. A fast growing group of our clients encouraged us to open a network of branches throughout Poland and a heat-shrinkable film factory. The opening of the production plant (joint venture with DECOFILM SPA) enabled us to react faster to the increasingly higher demands and needs of the packaging market in Poland and in neighbouring countries. The end of the 90s was another important episode – we opened production of packaging machines at Świderska street. The last two years were very busy for us – the heat-shrinkable film factory was moved to a modern plant in Emilianów, while the headquarters of our company was moved to Płochocińska street in Warsaw. Actually, from the very beginning we have been promoting our solutions at trade fairs all over Europe.

Currently our company is growing dynamically, following the market needs we expand our offer of automatic packaging machines, solutions for e-commerce industry and ecological packaging materials.

Many years of experience, based on know-how and close cooperation with Italian and German companies in the packaging industry, ensures high quality products and services in terms of technical advice and service.

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We are a producer and distributor of a wide range of packaging machines: from the simplest linear and angle welding machines, DIBIPACK lampshades, through more efficient semi-automatic ESPERT tunnel machines to fully automatic Hugo Beck and MecPack packaging lines. A large part of our sales are the professional Wrapper wrappers for pallets produced by us, which have been appreciated many times during fairs in Poland, Germany and Moscow.

The offer is supplemented by:

  • machines for collective packaging, devices for strapping polypropylene and polyester Messersi and Extend tapes,
  • packing machines with the SKIN-PACK method,
  • for wrapping long or round AVVOLGIPACK elements with stretch foil,
  • solutions for the e-commerce industry, i.e. systems for filling and securing parcels during shipping – RANPAK and PREGIS
  • systems for sealing cartons with NASTROPACK adhesive tape.

We have a full range of consumables for these devices, including PVC and polyolefin shrink films produced in Poland with the trade name Decoterm and Decoline, stretch films (standard, tubeless, pre-stretched), PP, PET and steel tapes, adhesive tapes, package filling systems, bubble films and many other solutions needed for proper packaging or product security.

The headquarters and the largest branch of the company with the production department are located in Warsaw, however, meeting the needs of customers, whose number has already exceeded 6,000, we have developed a commercial network in the form of 7 branches throughout Poland. The foil production plant opened in 2018 in Emilianów near Radzymin meets the highest quality standards, including ISO 9001: 2015 and BRC IOP, IKEA IWAY. The systematic development of the production plant allows us to meet almost every requirement of our customers by providing niche solutions in line with quality standards.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to offer the right solutions for every industry. Our company’s position in the packaging market, established for many years, guarantees constant access to technical support, consumables, spare parts and service support every day.

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