High-quality packaging materials for professionals.

A wide range of machines and packaging materials, modern solutions and cooperation with leading machine manufacturers guarantee the improvement and acceleration of the packaging process while maintaining the highest quality.

The highest quality packaging materials are usually available from our warehouses. Over 2,000 pallet places guarantee fast delivery of your order! Depending on the location and ordered products, we deliver our products with our own transport or with the help of courier companies. We realize that the ordered goods must arrive on time!

Polypropylene, polyester and steel tapes

Plastic tapes for strapping and stabilizing single or palletised products.

taśma poliestrowa twarda
Hard polyester tape

Hard polyester (PET) tape is characterized by high resistance to weather conditions and greater durability compared to polypropylene tape with the same parameters.

Wytrzymała taśma polipropylenowa
Polypropylene tape

Due to their versatility, polypropylene tapes are perfect for strapping pallets and cardboard boxes. Our tapes are suitable for automatic machines

Taśma poliestrowa miękka włóknista
Soft polyester tape

Fibrous polyester tapes (soft) are characterized by increased tear resistance and maintain a constant tension. Dedicated to hand clamps

Solidna taśma stalowa służąca do wiązania
Steel strip

Stainless steel strips can be used in particularly difficult operating conditions: very high mechanical loads, vibrations, fire hazard, highly corrosive environments,

Packet filling materials

Consumables for equipment producing packet fillers. We offer paper for RANPAK converters and foil for the production of air cushions for MiniPak’r and ProPak’r devices.

Paper for RANPAK converters

Paper folds for RANPAK converters. Paper for devices such as FillPak TT, PADPAK LC, PADPAK SENIOR and others

Składanka papieru do wypełnień FillPak TT
Paper for FillPak TT converter

Single-layer paper for RANPAK FillPak TT converters

papier składanka papieru do konwertera LC
Paper for PadPak LC converter

Paper for RANPAK PadPak LC converters

Foil for the production of air cushions

Foil for Mini Pak’r and Pro Pak’r devices. Various versions of cushions and wrapping mats available

Zabezpieczenie przesyłki za pomocą poduszek foliowych
Novus SUPERTUBE locking film

Novus SUPERTUBE pillows are dedicated to protect the corners of the product and to fill the space / block the product.

mata powietrzna do zabezpieczania blokowania wypełniania
Wrapping mats Quilt Small and Quilt Large

Inflatable mats for the wrapping and protection of Quilt Large and Quilt Small. It is an alternative to bubble wrap.

Podwójne poduszeczki z powietrzem do przesyłki
Novus double cushion film

Novus Double Cushion are double cushions that perfectly cushion, block and fill the empty space in the package.

Rolka z folią do produkcji poduszeczek z powietrzem
Film for film pillows 200×130 and 200x200mm

Foil for the production of single air cushions with dimensions of 200x130mm and 200x200mm.

PVC shrink film and polyolefin

PVC and polyolefin heat-shrinkable films produced in Poland. We provide films tailored to the most specific requirements of our customers and products with a wide range of applications in various industries. Our products include proprietary solutions that we can be proud of. Our products reach customers in the form of a tape or a half-sleeve. We make mechanical and thermal perforations as well as prints.

PVC Decoterm shrink film

PVC DECOTERM is a high-quality heat-shrinkable foil intended mainly for lampshade and tunnel machines. The main advantages of DECOTERM shrink film are low shrink temperature, high transparency and crystallinity. This foil can be used both for food products (e.g. bread, eggs in packs) and industrial products (e.g. cosmetics, candles, candles)

Polyolefin heat-shrinkable Decoline film

Multilayer polyolefin heat-shrinkable films with high transparency and gloss and excellent shrink properties. Dedicated to automatic packaging machines, but will also work well on lampshade and tunnel sealers.

Please contact our specialists to select the appropriate film recipe.

biodegradowalna folia termokurczliwa poliolefinowa
Decoline Biodegradable Polyolefin Film DCL-BD

DECOLINE DCL-BD is a biodegradable, versatile heat-shrinkable film containing 20% of raw materials of natural origin.

wytrzymała termokurczliwa folia sieciowana DECOLINE DCL-X odporna na przebicia
Durable cross-linked polyolefin DECOLINE DCL-X

DECOLINE DCL-X cross-sectioned polyolefin film for special purposes. High tear or puncture resistance. Strong and flexible seam. This foil is perfect for packing sharp-shaped objects (e.g. metal building elements) or where there is a risk of tearing the packaging during transport (e.g. floor panels, slats, etc.)

pakowanie jajek w folię
Universal polyolefin DECOLINE DCL-B

DECOLINE DCL-B is a universal polyolefin film of versatile use. It has excellent optical properties and easy application of the foil. Can be used on cover, tunnel and automatic machines. This foil works well for packing collective packages (multi-packs).

Stretch films

Stretch films dedicated to your needs! Slippery or highly sticky, highly stretchable or blocked films. Manual and machine. Tub-free, biodegradable, colored and biodegradable

Manual stretch films

Prestretch and stretch films for manual use. We offer films with a thickness of 7 to 20 microns. We offer tube-free, pre-stretched, transparent and colored stretch films as well as printed films

folia stretch beztubowa ręczna
Tubeless stretch film

Tubeless stretch film is a direct response to the needs of our customers and EU recommendations in the field of environmental protection. Everything has been achieved without any loss of quality and usability of the film.

Folia ręczna prestretch polpack
Prestretch hand-operated films

Manual prestretch film is an economical alternative to ordinary stretch films. Extremely efficient and easy to apply.

Machine stretch films

Machine stretch film dedicated to both wrappers with frictional stretching of the film (prestretch or nano stretch films) and high-stretch films for use on wrappers with motorized stretch film.

folia stretch maszynowa
Machine stretch film

Machine stretch films with a thickness of 20 or 23 microns. With a guaranteed stretch of 180% to 300%.

Wózek z folią stretch owijarki Wrapper
Machine-made prestretch film

Machine prestretch foil is a modern and economical pre-stretched stretch foil, thanks to which we are able to reduce the costs of securing the pallet by up to 50% compared to traditional foil.

Nano folia stretch odporna na przebicia
POLISTRETCH machine stretch film

POLISTRETCH are machine stretch films for the 21st century. These are films with a thickness ranging from 10 to 15 microns. Durable, flexible and economical.

Other packaging materials

Despite our sincere efforts, we are not able to present the entire assortment on our website. Please contact us if you have not found the product you are looking for on our website

tasma do zaklejania kartonow
Adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes with natural rubber glue. We have tapes for manual and machine use. The offer also includes printed tapes.

folia bąbelkowa
Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap protects delicate and susceptible to damage items during transport, and absorbs and fills free spaces in collective packaging.

samoprzylepna taśma papierowa
Ecological paper adhesive tape

Paper adhesive tapes for manual and machine use. Eco-friendly, recyclable. Reinforced, gummed, water activated

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