Shrink wrapping machines

Diffuser, semi-automatic tunnel and automatic foil welding machines

Aesthetic packaging of products in foil not only protects the packed product against external factors, but also emphasizes the value and exposes the packed product. Our machines allow the product to be packed both in a loose foil bag (without shrinking) and with shrinking the foil on the product. Depending on your needs, we offer cover machines that will be appreciated when packing smaller series, semi-automatic angle welders that are much faster, and at the same time are a smaller investment than automatic packaging machines. For companies that require greater efficiency and repeatability, we recommend automatic packaging machines. The packaging machines, depending on the expected capacity and intended use, differ in their construction: they can be automatic angle welders, machines with continuous sealing or the most advanced – machines with ionization sealing.

For the full automation of the foil packaging process, it is worth taking a closer look at automatic product feeders and dedicated conveyor belts.

The foil machines we offer can work with heat-shrinkable films such as PVC, polyolefins, polyethylene or polypropylene.

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