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Packaging of fruit and vegetables

One of the best methods of packaging fruits and vegetables is using shrink film. Let’s take a look at all advantages and packing machines offered by Polpack, which allow to obtain visually attractive and safe packaging. Tray or bulk packaging – Polpack packaging machines allow you to pack fruit and vegetables in a variety of

17.06 2022

One of the best methods of packaging fruits and vegetables is using shrink film. Let’s take a look at all advantages and packing machines offered by Polpack, which allow to obtain visually attractive and safe packaging.

foliowanie kapusty pekińskiej

Cabbage packed in polyolefin film

Tray or bulk packaging – Polpack packaging machines allow you to pack fruit and vegetables in a variety of variations

Shrink film packaging machines are very versatile, because they allow you to pack virtually any type of product. The most important thing when choosing the right machine is to pay attention to the dimensions of the packaged products, so that the packaged products easily fit “into the machine”.

Shrink foil wrapping machines enable a quick change of packaging format – depending on the needs, the same machine settings can be used for wrapping fruit and vegetables on a tray (in a cup) or completely loose.

In our offer you will find a wide range of machines enabling food packing. Depending on the expected packing performance and type of packed products we can distinguish 3 types of foiling machines:

DIBIPACK hood sealers. Versatile machines for smaller capacities.

The chamber packaging machines BABYPACK and DIBIPACK have been the impulse for the rapid development of Polpack in Poland. These are easy to use and reliable “manual” machines for packing products in thermoshrink film. These machines make it possible to aesthetically pack 200-400 products per hour. Small external dimensions and a stand (trolley) on wheels give us full flexibility in finding a suitable place to work of the machine.

Due to the manual operation, we recommend the hood machines rather for smaller companies who want to pack fruits and vegetables with a high level of hygiene. Smaller capacity, transparent hood and manual operation enable the operator to have full control over the packing process.

Semi-automatic corner sealers with integrated tunnel, efficient packaging of any type of fruit and vegetable

Semi-automatic tunnel angle sealers can pack in semi-automatic or automatic cycle. ESPERT machines fill the gap between hood and automatic machines. They are equipped with pneumatic or electric actuator in the sealing part, which enables more efficient work:

  • in a semi-automatic cycle, the operator starts the sealing cycle using the foot pedal – when pressed, the machine closes the film sealing frame and transports the wrapped product to the shrink tunnel
  • In a semi-automatic cycle, we can set the frequency of the welding arm cycle. This allows for higher productivity and repeatable quality.

The machines are of course equipped with reliable safety systems, which makes ESPERT packaging machines efficient and safe. We recommend this type of packaging machines to food producers or fruit and vegetable logistics companies expecting higher output (in a semi-automatic cycle 700-900 packages per hour) at an affordable price. ESPERT packaging machines are suitable for packing fruits and vegetables in bulk as well as in trays. 

Automatic machines for industrial film wrapping of fruits and vegetables

The fastest and most efficient way to pack fruits and vegetables – automatic packaging machines. We offer a full range of automatic shrink film sealing machines. Starting with the popular MecPack automatic corner sealers, through the efficient GRAMEGNA PRATIKA continuous side sealers, to the top of the range Hugo Beck shrink film packaging lines.

  • Automatic angle sealers are distinguished by their reliability, versatility and simple operation. They are suitable for packing virtually any type of vegetables or fruit. They pack loose broccoli, for example, as well as vegetables in trays quickly and neatly.
  • automatic packaging machines with continuous side seal (flow packaging machines). The advantage of these machines is the speed of packing and lack of limitation of the length of packed product. The machines are suitable for packing large quantities of products with minimal energy consumption. A SERVO-driven cross seal guarantees precise sealing of the film. We offer machines with different output levels – up to 18,000 cycles per hour

How shrink film packaging machines worką

The key element in this type of machine is the selection of an appropriate shrink film (i.e. a protective film), which shrinks on the product after it has been heated by the packaging machine. After wrapping the film around the product and sealing it, the wrapped product passes through a special heat-shrink tunnel (or in case of hood machines, the film is shrunk under the hood). Thanks to that the film adheres perfectly to the packed fruit or vegetables. What is important, the product will not be exposed to high temperature during shrinking – the film forms a barrier. Using high-quality heat-shrinkable films additionally emphasizes the aesthetic value of the packaged product (highly transparent and glossy films – e.g. DECOLINE and DECOTERM).

Due to its versatility and practicality, shrink-wrapping of fruit and vegetables is now a technique used by many companies. In particular, this method of wrapping is recommended to fresh food producers, fruit and vegetable logistics centres, producer groups. 

Advantages of shrink-wrapping fruits and vegetables

The biggest advantage of shrink-wrapping is the relatively low cost of purchasing a wrapping machine and the lower cost of packaging material compared to other types of packaging. Moreover, a great advantage are aesthetic values, which are after all equally important during direct sale of fruits and vegetables. 

Shrink-wrapping of fruit and vegetables in foil such as PVC or polyolefin gives the possibility of creating aesthetic packaging, perfect for exposing e.g. on a shop shelf or in a display case. Shrink-wrapping is therefore ideal for trays and cups of fruit and vegetables to be displayed on counters or stored in refrigerated cabinets. The result of shrink wrapping is a safe and nicely packaged product.

Finally, not to be underestimated, is the ease of storing and transporting food packed in shrink wrap: creating lightweight and airtight packaging makes it really easy to move fruit from one place to another and store it without taking up too much storage space.

Pakowanie chleba pieczywa bułek w folię

Shrink-wrapping of bread

Packaging of fruit and vegetables on flow-pack machine

Our offer also includes a wide range offlow-pack type machines which, depending on their configuration, can pack vegetables or fruit on trays or in bulk with high efficiency. The biggest advantage of flow-pack machines is high efficiency and ease of use, unfortunately these machines are not as universal as shrink-wrapping machines.

You can find more information about flow-pack machines in a separate article or on a page dedicated to flow-pack packaging machines

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