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Cushions to protect products during shipping

Opt for ecological parcel protection during shipping!! Is your business in the e-commerce industry? For sure! Are you afraid that your product will be damaged during delivery? We have the perfect solution for you and your company. Our company provides a wide range of solutions to protect your product during shipment. Our experts will surely

17.06 2022

Opt for ecological parcel protection during shipping!!

Is your business in the e-commerce industry? For sure! Are you afraid that your product will be damaged during delivery? We have the perfect solution for you and your company. Our company provides a wide range of solutions to protect your product during shipment. Our experts will surely choose the most optimal solution to protect your shipped items! We offer a full range of parcel filler solutions for you and your company. Our team is focused on identifying and solving each customer’s unique product protection and parcel filler needs. This means the right solution for the right application.

Why choose our parcel fillers if you deal with mail order?

POLPACK company in cooperation with PREGIS offers parcel security systems that will solve all problems related to the shipment of products. Our solutions for e-commerce are dedicated both for small online shops, production plants and large distribution centers. Thanks to many air cushioning designs you can achieve the effects of light cushioning and local cushioning, which provides extra protection for the product throughout the shipping cycle and guarantees an aesthetic and professional impression after your customers unpack the parcel.

Cushioning and securing packages

The cushioning system ensures that the product is protected all the way through your shipment, from the time the package is sealed to delivery to your customer. Additionally, this form is perceived by consumers as premium packaging, allowing you to increase the perceived value of your protected products. With our wide range of filler films, you will reduce damage claims on the way to your customer!

Saving money in e-commerce is your and our priority!

Space saving

Is your storage space limited or do you prefer to dedicate it 100% to your products?

Great for you, because with our systems you will save many meters of storage space for your fillings! One roll takes up very little space, so your storage is 100% dedicated to your products. Forget about storing big rolls of bubble wrap. One roll is a minimum of 2m3 of airbag film!

The Mini Pak’r machine is 36 cm long, 37 cm wide and 30 cm high and weighs only 8 kg.

Cost savings

Are your customers giving you signals that products in packages are sometimes damaged?

Lightweight air cushions that are adjustable in thickness by adjusting the amount of air blown will help you get rid of this problem. Five different film configurations – standard void filling, blocking and bracing, wrapping and cushioning – ensure that your products reach your customers just as they left your store or warehouse.

Saving time

The machine can be used in different settings. The possibility of several working configurations allows you to adapt to the product. The capacity of the Pro Pak’r machine is as much as 7.7 m3 per minute!

Parcel fillers are characterized by:

  • Reliability: The company’s 20 years of experience and continuous development guarantee the reliability of the MINI PAK’R and PRO PAK’R.
  • Easy film insertion: the insertion of the film is simple and takes only a few seconds.
  • Easy to use: thanks to RFDI technology, the machine automatically selects the right sealing temperature, air flow and pressure seal for each film

See how to protect your product during shipping!

Airspeed Renew air cushions are made from post-consumer recycled material – PCR plastic. They keep products safe by filling up the available space, locking and securing the packed product.

Supertube cushions is a solution suitable for various applications. It provides high quality protection thanks to air-transfer technology that improves cushioning. Each air cushion is made up of 8 rectangular pouches that guarantee more flexible protection.

Supertube is a highly versatile film for protecting products during shipping. Its design features patented air blowing technology which allows movement between the cushions, acting as a shock absorber and increasing protection. It is ideal for product wrapping, layering and for protecting the corners of the item being shipped.

Square air cushions are the standard void protection for use in all sizes of your packages! Available in two sizes as standard:

  • 20 x 15 cm
  • 20 x 20 cm

It is ideal for filling voids, blocking and bracing and for protecting corners.

Double cushion. The double cushion system will protect your corners and absorb shocks during transport. The cushions regenerate after the impact, that is, they return to their place. They will increase safety in corners and when filling top, bottom and side spaces. Recommended for use in packages with tight or irregular voids.

Quiltsmall is optimal protection, thanks to quilted pattern it provides extra space between products and outer packaging. It is ideal for wrapping, interleaving, top layering, cross layering, protecting sides and corners. Low profile packaging with air transfer technology makes Quilt film an extremely versatile and mouldable wrap for packaging and void filling. A great space saving and efficient alternative to traditional bubble wrap!

Large film  wrapping mat (Quilt Large). It is a solid protection for your shipments thanks to the quilted pattern – just like the Quilt Small. It provides optimum space between products and at the same time your heavy product will be safe. It is ideal for wrapping large and heavy products. Interweaving, top layering or securing sides and corners.

Looking for an alternative to bubble wrap?

Pillowpak film – its width is up to 705 mm and the volume obtained from the entire roll is 2.5 m3

It finds its use in packaging products requiring special protection. Wrapping, interleaving, layering and filling empty spaces are just some of the functions it performs. Are you sending goods, which are prone to breakage or scratching? Wrap your product with Pillowpak and additionally fill the free space of the parcel! It’s also eco-friendly because all the inks used are water-based, non-toxic, so the used material is 100% recyclable!

Compliance: Complies with European packaging and packaging waste regulations: EN1342.

Dedicated parcel packing stations

This system is ideal if you want to save space around your packing stations. The unit sits on a high platform and delivers airbags directly to the container and from there directly to your packages without the need for wires. This system also helps to improve ergonomics, which positively affects the posture of your workers and leads to fewer injuries.

We can help you design ergonomic filler delivery systems for maximum productivity and increased operational efficiency. Our evaluation process considers all aspects of your operation to determine the most efficient method of operation. Solutions vary from standard accessories to support centralized and decentralized operations or custom delivery systems designed to your exact facility and workflow specifications.

  • Ergonomics: requires less movement from workers when filling boxes with packaging, which is good for health!
  • Increased productivity: Consolidated resources allow packers to increase the efficiency and productivity of packaging your products!
  • Custom configurations: Packaging Engineers can make sure your delivery system is right for your operation, location and packaging needs.
  • Our specialist will be happy to evaluate your destination to help determine the best working conditions for you and your business!

How much does a parcel filler cost ?

Our parcel filling systems are available both on attractive lease and regular sales. We encourage you to contact our specialists and test our solutions. It is good practice to test our solutions for a longer period of time (e.g. 2-3 weeks) to estimate your needs and prepare an appropriate offer on their basis.

Depending on the number of parcels to be shipped, we offer 3 types of air pillow machines:

  • Mini Pak’r. The most popular model of pillow making machine. Dedicated to small and medium companies. In one minute it produces up to 8 linear meters of padding. The Mini Pak’r is available for lease as well as for regular sale.
  • Pro Pak’r. Fast and professional machines – operating at speeds of up to 25 metres of fill per minute. Available only on lease
  • Mini Pak’r V3. Compact devices for the production of air-filled tubes from PCR raw materials

My name is Bartłomiej Gochnio and contacting me is your guarantee of securing the shipment!

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