Decoline Biodegradable Polyolefin Film DCL-BD

DECOLINE DCL-BD polyolefin film is a biodegradable, multi-purpose heat-shrink film with 20% of raw materials of natural origin (sugarcane), environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable in 2-3 years* after manufacture. Recyclable like conventional polyolefin films. Designed for food and industrial packaging.

Consumers benefit from the same level of functionality of biodegradable packaging as standard polyolefin packaging, while manufacturers get bio-based materials that meet all their production needs, materials that can be adapted to current packaging practices and environmentally friendly production.

*depending on the recipe

biodegradowalna folia termokurczliwa poliolefinowa

General characteristics of DCL-BD polyolefin

  • consist a unique post-industrial recycled polymer and with the use of 7 active substances (prebiotics) causing controlled degradation of the polymer film
  • high transparency
  • 100% recyclable
  • dedicated for all types of machines
  • possibility of thermal or mechanical perforation
  • can be printed
  • available in tape and half-sleeve
  • maximum film width 1600mm tape, 850mm half-sleeve
  • approved for direct contact with food

Properties of DCL-BD biodegradable polyolefin

Our vision was to implement environmentally friendly materials and to meet the trend towards sustainability. We have an idea of packaging that can be returned to nature after use, just like an orange peel that becomes part of the food waste stream. At Polpack, sustainability is not only an integral part of our strategy. Our environmental commitments and goals are embedded in our Code of Business Conduct, and we are committed to conducting our business in a manner that ensures long-term sustainability.

We create heat-shrinkable films for specific and individual customer requirements, where it is necessary to create a product with non-standard parameters (e.g. atypical thickness, ecological film, atypical shrinkage, slippery or blunt films). We make thermally or mechanically perforated films, film prints, etc.

Technical data of biodegradable polyolefin film

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