Tubeless stretch film

Tubeless stretch film is an eco-friendly alternative to regular stretch film. This unique product without cardboard core, is used in the same way without any limitations in functionality. Tubeless stretch film is a direct response to the needs of our customers and to EU environmental recommendations. Everything has been achieved without any loss of quality and usability of the film.

These films are available for manual application (500mm and 100mm wide) and for horizontal stretch wrappers (125mm wide)

folia stretch beztubowa ręczna

General characteristics

  • foil without cardboard tube
  • available in two variants: clear or black
  • 100% recyclable
  • robust
  • high transparency
  • requires less effort to tighten the film
  • Suitable for use in humid conditions

Properties of tubeless stretch film

The cardboard tube, which is an integral part of each stretch film, not only increases costs but also contributes to environmental protection. All standard stretch films are wound on a cardboard tube because there is no alternative. Manufactured using a patented system, Polpack’s tubeless stretch film is a revolutionary product that has been developed to become more effective and eliminate waste after use.

Stretch film without cardboard tube – reduces waste!

Technical data of tubeless stretch film

Prestretch hand-operated films

Thanks to controlled stretching at the production stage, this film is characterised by high resistance to further stretching, which is very important for the stability of the pallet during transport. Double edge additionally improves load stabilization and minimizes the risk of film tearing during wrapping.

The biggest advantage of the prestretch POLWRAP film is a significant saving of film in comparison with conventional films.

Please contact us for selection of stretch film for type of machine and specificity of packaged product.


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