Durable cross-linked polyolefin DECOLINE DCL-X

DECOLINE DCL-X cross-linked polyolefin special purpose film. This film is characterized by high tear or puncture resistance. Strong and flexible weld. Cross-linked polyolefin is primarily used for packing sharp and irregularly shaped items (e.g. metal construction elements, packages) or where there is a high risk of tearing the package during transport (e.g. floor panels, strips, etc.). DCL-X is available as tape or half-sleeve. Mechanical or thermal perforation is available on request. The film meets the highest quality standards.

wytrzymała termokurczliwa folia sieciowana DECOLINE DCL-X odporna na przebicia

General characteristics of DCL-X crosslinked film

  • Increased tear and puncture resistance
  • possibility to make foil perforated thermally or mechanically (microperforation)
  • dedicated for automatic machines
  • can be printed
  • balanced contraction
  • Strong Hot-Tack Sealing
  • available as tape or half-sleeve
  • available on request as a blue tinted film

Properties of cross-linked polyolefin film

DECOLINE DCL-X cross-linked cross-linked polyolefin film is mainly dedicated for application on automatic packaging machines. It is produced as half-sleeve or tape. On request, we can deliver film perforated (thermally or mechanically) or printed.

We create films for specific and individual customer requirements, where it is necessary to create a product with non-standard parameters (e.g. unusual thickness, ecological film, unusual shrinkage, slippery or blunt film).

Our specialists will help you select the right film formulation for your needs.

Technical data for DCL-X crosslinked polyolefin

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