Foil for the production of air cushions

Rolls with foil necessary for the production of air cushions and air mats on MiniPak’r and Pro Pak’r machines.

Made in Poland
Zabezpieczenie przesyłki za pomocą poduszek foliowych
Novus SUPERTUBE locking film

Novus SUPERTUBE pillows are dedicated to protect the corners of the product and to fill the space / block the product.

mata powietrzna do zabezpieczania blokowania wypełniania
Wrapping mats Quilt Small and Quilt Large

Inflatable mats for the wrapping and protection of Quilt Large and Quilt Small. It is an alternative to bubble wrap.

Podwójne poduszeczki z powietrzem do przesyłki
Novus double cushion film

Novus Double Cushion are double cushions that perfectly cushion, block and fill the empty space in the package.

Rolka z folią do produkcji poduszeczek z powietrzem
Film for film pillows 200×130 and 200x200mm

Foil for the production of single air cushions with dimensions of 200x130mm and 200x200mm.

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