Film for film pillows 200×130 and 200x200mm

Single film cushions are available in two sizes: 200x200mm or 200x130mm. Air cushions are one of the most popular pack fillers. They are perfect for filling the free space inside the package as well as for blocking / securing the product against movement inside the carton. Mini Pak'r V2 or Pro Pak'r machines are intended for the production of air cushions. Depending on the needs and the amount of film used, these machines can be sold or leased.

Rolka z folią do produkcji poduszeczek z powietrzem

General characteristics

  • Green foil,
  • RFID technology % PE after recycling: 20%
  • Material: Rpe
  • The inscription is made of water-based ink
  • It is 100% recyclable 17% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions
  • Very light – 99% is air possibility of printing a logo, an inscription
  • Application: space filling and blocking


Classic film EZ 200/130. Single pillows quickly and economically filling empty space in a package. This film is dedicated to Mini Pak’r or ProPak’r machines. Pillows are also available in a square 200x200mm.

Dane techniczne

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