Wrapping mats Quilt Small and Quilt Large

Quilt Small and Quilt Large inflatable air mats consist of several larger (Quilt Large) or several smaller (Quilt Small) chambers filled with air, making them flexible, allowing them to bend, fold and wrap around products, guaranteeing optimal protection and the possibility of reuse use. The mats will prove themselves where there is a need for a solid and aesthetic wrapping of the shipped product, they will protect the corners of the product and fill the free space inside the package. Wide foil cushions are a perfect solution for the e-commerce industry, they will work wherever there is a need to quickly secure a package for the time of shipment or to fill an empty space, e.g. in a cardboard box. For the production of air mats, Mini Pak'r or Pro Pak'r devices are dedicated. These machines are available for sale or lease. Please contact us to arrange presentations of our systems for the e-commerce industry.

mata powietrzna do zabezpieczania blokowania wypełniania

General characteristics

  • Use: wrapping products, filling spaces (e.g. top of carton)
  • Green film, RFID technology
  • % PE after recycling : 20%
  • Material : Rpe
  • Inscription made with water-based ink
  • 100% recyclable
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 17%
  • Very light – 99% air
  • possibility to print a logo, inscription


Quilt Small and Quilt Large wrap mats. These films are dedicated for Mini Pak’r or ProPak’r machines. Width of roll 400mm.

We encourage you to contact us, we will suggest which solution will be the best for you. If interested, we will provide the device for testing!

Dane techniczne folii do owijania paczek

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