Novus double cushion film

Novus Double Cushion film, i.e. double film cushions. NOVUS® air cushions is an economical material for filling the space inside the packages, designed with a patented, innovative technology of air transfer in the cushions during transport. The displacement of air acts as a shock absorber, ensuring that the product is always best protected during shipment. Airbags without air transfer technology can transmit shocks which may damage the product during transport. The NOVUS® Super Tube air cushion can fold in two directions. This film will be useful for filling free space, protecting product corners and keeping products in place. Double Cushion foil is perfect for packing ceramics, delicate glass, electronics and other fragile items.



Podwójne poduszeczki z powietrzem do przesyłki

General characteristics of Double Cushion

  • Green film,
  • RFID technology % PE after recycling: 20%
  • Material: Rpe
  • The inscription is made of water-based ink
  • It is 100% recyclable
  • 17% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions
  • Very light – 99% is air
  • possibility of printing a logo, an inscription
  • Application: space filling and blocking
  • space saving – even 11 m3 of filling from one roll


Novus double cushion film is a double cushion that locks the product in the package. This film is dedicated to Mini Pak’r or ProPak’r machines. Width of roll 400mm.

Dane techniczne folii Double Cushion

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