Machine stretch films

As a producer of foils and pallet wrappers, we offer a wide range of specialized machine foils for use on pallet wrapping machines. Depending on the needs, we offer films in thicknesses from 7 to 23 microns, with a guaranteed stretch from 40 to 300%.

Made in Poland
folia stretch maszynowa
Machine stretch film

Machine stretch films with a thickness of 20 or 23 microns. With a guaranteed stretch of 180% to 300%.

Wózek z folią stretch owijarki Wrapper
Machine-made prestretch film

Machine prestretch foil is a modern and economical pre-stretched stretch foil, thanks to which we are able to reduce the costs of securing the pallet by up to 50% compared to traditional foil.

Nano folia stretch odporna na przebicia
POLISTRETCH machine stretch film

POLISTRETCH are machine stretch films for the 21st century. These are films with a thickness ranging from 10 to 15 microns. Durable, flexible and economical.

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