POLISTRETCH machine stretch film

POLISTRETCH films are a range of innovative films for securing loads on pallets. These films are an excellent alternative to conventional stretch films with thickness exceeding 17 microns. Thanks to the use of top quality ingredients and modern technology, these films are characterized by high tear and puncture resistance.

In our offer you will find films produced in several formulations. These are blocked, pre-stretched or high-stretch stretch films. Please contact us in order to select stretch foil for the type of machine and specificity of the packaged product.

Nano folia stretch odporna na przebicia

General characteristics of POLISTRETCH film

  •  films dedicated to different types of machines
  • lower pallet wrapping costs
  • inner adhesive layer
  • outer layer with slip (no sticking of pallets to each other)
  • excellent stabilization of the wrapped load
  • high transparency
  • 100% recyclable
  • approved for direct contact with food
  • less film consumption

Properties of POLISTRETCH stretch film

An innovative series of thin stretch films (commonly known as NANO films) for securing a wide range of loads. The thickness of these films ranges from 10 to 15 microns, with guaranteed film stretching from 40 to 300%. These films perform well both on machines with a simple film stretching system (e.g. POLI 10-40 film) and on machines with an advanced film stretching system (e.g. POLI 12-300 film). POLISTRETCH films have a strongly adhesive inner side and a slippery outer side.

Dane techniczne folii stretch maszynowej

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