Machine-made prestretch film

Machine pre-stretched stretch film is dedicated to wrappers with straight/rubber film tension system. Thanks to controlled stretching at the production stage, this film is characterized by high resistance to further stretching, which is very important for the stability of a pallet during transport. Double edge additionally improves load stabilization and minimizes the risk of film tearing during wrapping.

The biggest advantage of the prestretch POLWRAP film is a significant saving of film in comparison with conventional films.

Please contact us for selection of stretch film for type of machine and specificity of packaged product.



Wózek z folią stretch owijarki Wrapper

General characteristics

  • reduction of packaging costs
  • high transparency
  • recommended for machines with friction film stretching
  • requires less effort to tighten the film
  • double edge
  • dedicated for shaped pallets
  • less environmental waste
  • up to 3200 meters on a roll!


folia produkowana w polsce

POLWRAP prestretch film is recommended for shaped pallets and for machines with mechanical film tension system. Low weight (up to 11 kg) facilitates the exchange of a roll. Thanks to its exceptional performance, prestretch film significantly reduces pallet wrapping costs as compared to traditional stretch film. The double edge significantly improves stabilisation of wrapped pallets.

Dane techniczne

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