Machine stretch film

Machine stretch film. Depending on the recipe, it is dedicated to wrappers with mechanical film tension (e.g. Wrapper SA or SE) or to machines with two-track tension (e.g. Wrapper Evolution). We offer colourless or coloured films. What distinguishes our film is its repeatable quality, high extensibility and high stickiness.

In our offer you will find films produced in several formulations. These are blocked, pre-stretched or high-stretch stretch films. Please contact us in order to select stretch foil for the type of machine and specificity of the packaged product.



folia stretch maszynowa

General characteristics

  • can be printed
  • robust
  • easy to apply
  • also available as black film
  • width 500mm


folia produkowana w polsce

High quality machine stretch films manufactured in Poland, 20 and 23 microns thick. Dedicated to wrappers with both mechanical and dual-track stretch film stretching. The inner adhesive side makes the film adhere perfectly to the pallet, and the outer slippery side prevents the pallets from sticking together.

Dane techniczne

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