Polypropylene, polyester and steel tapes

Plastic tapes for strapping and stabilizing single or palletised products.

taśma poliestrowa twarda
Hard polyester tape

Hard polyester (PET) tape is characterized by high resistance to weather conditions and greater durability compared to polypropylene tape with the same parameters.

Wytrzymała taśma polipropylenowa
Polypropylene tape

Due to their versatility, polypropylene tapes are perfect for strapping pallets and cardboard boxes. Our tapes are suitable for automatic machines

Taśma poliestrowa miękka włóknista
Soft polyester tape

Fibrous polyester tapes (soft) are characterized by increased tear resistance and maintain a constant tension. Dedicated to hand clamps

Solidna taśma stalowa służąca do wiązania
Steel strip

Stainless steel strips can be used in particularly difficult operating conditions: very high mechanical loads, vibrations, fire hazard, highly corrosive environments,

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