Hard polyester tape

High quality hard polyester strapping for manual or machine use. It is perfect for strapping heavy loads e.g. on pallets. Our strapping tape is perfect for manual, battery operated and automatic pallet strapping machines. The use of appropriate quality strapping tape allows for trouble-free operation of the equipment and solid protection of the load.

taśma poliestrowa twarda

General characteristics

General characteristics

● Durable

● Weather resistant

● Maintains constant tension

● A thimble with a diameter of 406mm

● Dedicated to cordless binders

Available in different widths and thicknesses


Polyester PET strapping is manufactured from embossed and oriented polyester. Polyester tapes are characterized by high strength and maintain constant tension. It is also resistant to atmospheric factors, including UV radiation, which makes it applicable wherever polypropylene tape does not work.

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