Steel strip

Stainless steel belts can be used in particularly harsh operating conditions: they withstand very high mechanical loads, vibrations, fire hazards and highly corrosive environments. Available in different widths and thicknesses.

Solidna taśma stalowa służąca do wiązania

General characteristics

General characteristics

  • 304 stainless steel strip, 18/8 chrome nickel alloy steel, smooth with rounded edges
  • withstand very high mechanical stress, vibration
  • resistant to low or high temperatures
  • resistant to low or high temperatures
  • The way of joining the tape: with a stainless steel clasp 19.10mm and a tensioner

Steel strap properties

taśma stalowa

We offer tape sizes

  • 13 x 0,5,
  • 16 x 0,5,
  • 19 x 0,6,
  • 19 x 0,8,
  • 25 x 0,8,
  • 32 x 0,8.
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