Polypropylene tape

High quality polypropylene tape for manual or machine use. It is perfect for packing e.g. cartons and pallets. Our tape is perfect for automatic (frame) bundling machines for packages. The use of appropriate quality tape allows for trouble-free operation of the equipment. The appropriate quality of tape (the appropriate stiffness, slip and low dustiness) is particularly important for automatic strapping machines.

We offer tapes in a variety of widths and thicknesses.

Wytrzymała taśma polipropylenowa

General characteristics

General characteristics

● Durable

● Dedicated to automatic machines

● High tear resistance

● Can be imprinted

● Dust-free

● High resistance to deformation


Our polypropylene strapping is distinguished by its consistently high quality. Individual tape parameters may vary from the standard to suit customer needs.

We also offer dedicated strapping accessories such as carts, unwinders, clips, manual crimpers and automatic battery operated strapping machines.

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