ekologiczne wypełnienie paczki

17.06 2022

Cushions to protect products during shipping

Opt for ecological parcel protection during shipping!! Is your business in the e-commerce industry? For sure! Are you afraid that your product will be damaged during delivery? We have the perfect solution for you and your company. Our company provides a wide range of solutions to protect your product during shipment. Our experts will surely

jabłka i owoce pakowane w folię

17.06 2022

Packaging of fruit and vegetables

One of the best methods of packaging fruits and vegetables is using shrink film. Let’s take a look at all advantages and packing machines offered by Polpack, which allow to obtain visually attractive and safe packaging. Tray or bulk packaging – Polpack packaging machines allow you to pack fruit and vegetables in a variety of

ekologiczne opakowania

17.06 2022

Packaging in foil or paper – what to choose?

Which is better – paper or film For many years plastic packaging has been very popular. Last few years we are more and more often meeting with the message that plastics are the source of many problems of our times and the future is ecological packaging such as paper. In the following short article I

maszyny do pakowania palet

17.06 2022

Machines for wrapping pallets with stretch foil – vademecum

Machines for wrapping loads with stretch film have been used in warehouses and factories in virtually every imaginable industry for many years. Depending on the level of advancement they can be divided into the following categories: manual wrappers (operated manually). These are most often turntable wrappers with manual control, i.e. the machines are not equipped

01.06 2021

Packaging machinery leasing

What is leasing of machinery? Leasing of machinery is called a contractual civil law relationship, whereby the financing party – the lessor – transfers to the other party the right to use a particular thing for a predetermined period in return for leasing fees paid in installments. Due to the fact that leasing has long

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