Paper for PadPak LC converter

The PadPak LC solution is the fastest paper cushioning solution on the market. The high speed ensures maximum efficiency during packaging. The converter converts a single layer of paper into a pad that can be used to secure products during shipping. Single, packs of paper that are folded together with an adhesive strip ensure that the converter is easy to load and run at high speed. The paper pad can be used for cushioning, restraint or wrapping

papier składanka papieru do konwertera LC

General characteristics

  • FSC certified ecological paper
  • the fastest paper-based cushioning solution on the market
  • 3 operation modes: pedal operation, semi-automatic or automatic
  • 70 or 90 g/m2 paper weight
  • paper width 76cm
  • width of the finished ribbon approx. 23cm


High quality machine stretch films manufactured in Poland, 20 and 23 microns thick. Dedicated to wrappers with both mechanical and dual-track stretch film stretching. The inner adhesive side makes the film adhere perfectly to the pallet, and the outer slippery side prevents the pallets from sticking together.

Dane techniczne

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