Our offer of packaging machines for WarsawPack 2020

Sławomir Serafin Kamil Woliński Józef Woliński Andrzej Jurkowski

Thank you for visiting our stand during WarsawPack 2020. Observing the contemporary trend of automation and optimisation of production processes we presented solutions dedicated to the current needs of Polish companies. These included heat-shrinkable film packaging machines such as the MecPack Five Stars automatic angle sealer, which was praised for its intuitive operation and small

Biodegradable polyolefin shrink films

biodegradowalna folia termokurczliwa poliolefinowa

As a company setting trends in the packaging industry, we feel responsible for the environment. That is why we have introduced ecological solutions to our offer. These are films produced from renewable energy sources and biodegradable films. Production of DECOLINE DCL-BD biodegradable polyolefin multilayer heat-shrinkable film based on renewable raw material from sugarcane. Renewable raw

New models of automatic parcel binders

automatyczna wiązarka kartonów

The company EXTEND presented a new generation of automatic binders for parcels and cartons. As the general representative of EXTEND in Poland, we had the opportunity to test the new machine models and exchange information with the engineers responsible for the equipment design. Automatic strapping machines are used in the fast-growing e-commerce industry. In the

We invite you to the new seat of Polpack company in Warsaw

Siedziba firmy Polpack w Warszawie

After almost 20 years of presence at Świderska street we moved to Płochocińska 19 street – entrance from Spedycyjna street. Change of location enabled us to create professional showroom of packaging machines and increase warehouse of packaging materials. Currently, in our presentation center we have available test automatic heat-shrinkable film packaging machines (usually 3 or

Our new shink films facotry

Fabryka folii termokurczliwej w Polsce

The new location increases our production space by 30% compared to our current facility and is a huge step in the company’s development. The new plant also means another production line, which will allow us to offer further innovative, high quality heat-shrinkable films. In order to meet the expectations of our customers we will meet

How much does a pallet wrapper cost?

owijarka do palet nierdzewna do wozkow

Pallet wrappers are a valuable addition to any logistic process. They will prove useful in both smaller companies sending few pallets per week and in specialist large logistic centers. Pallet wrapping machines help to save time, money, labor costs and increase quality of load protection on a pallet. If you are looking for a stretch

What to pack cookies and baked goods in?

Pakowanie chleba pieczywa bułek w folię

The process of packaging cakes and bakery products performs not one, but three very important functions. For this reason it is important to think carefully about buying the right packaging machine, thus ensuring aesthetic and durable packaging of your product. Polpack Company is very experienced in providing packaging for the bakery and confectionery industry and

Safety rules when using pallet wrapping machine

serwis maszyn pakujących

Automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrappers significantly improve the efficiency of warehouse or production facilities. Pallet stretch wrappers prevent some of the hazards associated with manual load wrapping such as back strain. However, like any machine, they can themselves pose a safety risk to users. It is therefore important that safety rules are followed when installing

Ecological filling for parcels!

ekologiczne tworzywa pcr

As a company that is aware of its responsibility towards the environment, we are constantly expanding our range of packaging with environmentally friendly solutions – these include biodegradable films and packaging materials made from post-consumer waste – PCR. By using films made from PCR raw materials, we support the drive towards a closed loop plastics

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